Adnan and Chelsea

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Our Story

Some of humanity's earliest known writings refer to the production and distribution of beer. We don’t have to go that far back, but beer certainly plays a role in our love story.

We met October 4, 2014 at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Chelsea was studying abroad in Rome, Italy and decided to take a long weekend trip to Munich (shoutout to Carlisle and that 16-hour bus ride). Adnan and his friends had the same idea of spending the day in a cramped tent with thousands of other people, and made the road trip from St. Gallen, Switzerland. By mere fate, we ended up at the same table in the Hofbrau tent and hit it off! With the first cheers of beer, our story began, neither of us knowing how that day would change our lives for the better.

After a day full of adventure, including dancing on tables with locals and bumper cars, we ended up hanging out in the underground train station to keep warm. At 2:00am, an older gentleman in the Munich train station stopped in front of us and with a smile on his face said, “this is what true love looks like”. We both laughed, unaware of what truly was about to unfold.

We exchanged numbers and soon, there was a plan to meet up in Rome, followed by a trip to the Swiss Alps together. Shortly after these adventures, Chelsea had to go back to California to continue to study at St. Mary’s College. Though the physical distance between us grew, the 9-hour time difference didn’t stop us from staying in touch. After months of texting, facetiming and emailing (yes emailing ha!), Adnan asked Chelsea to meet him halfway in New York City. After a fantastic week and a rough goodbye, there was no denying it, we were absolutely in love. A couple years and 12 countries later, it was clear the next step would be moving in together. Adnan moved from St. Gallen across the North Atlantic to Walnut Creek and the foundation of our relationship grew stronger and stronger. After years of living together and a worldwide pandemic, Adnan knew it was the right time to make things official in the same place our story began. Back in Munich, this time there was no beer and cramped tents, just us (and our favorite Maid of Honor, Isabel). Adnan proposed in the open air at the Theresienwiese and Chelsea said, “Yes!”. We spent the remainder of our trip even more deeply in love and left with great memories and a bright future ahead.

We are SO excited to celebrate with our family and friends in Croatia, a place very near and dear to us. If you didn’t know, Adnan is originally from Bosnia (formerly Yugoslavia) and speaks the native language of Croatia. Having moved to Switzerland as a baby, Adnan spent summer vacations with his family in Bosnia and Croatia. If you know Chelsea, you know she hasn’t stopped talking about Croatia since Adnan took her in summer of 2017. We hope to see you in Croatia this September and look forward to creating even more special memories there!